Neufeld [DE]

NEUFELD is the synergy of the “established underground” and well-tried synthpop elements, underpinned with modern dance, electronic music and pop sounds. The music of NEUFELD glides between gloomy melancholy and positive sound.

The NEUFELD sound is influenced by the participation of Wolfsheim producers Josè Alvarez-Brill (“Die Flut”; Witt/Heppner u.v.a.) as well as Carlos Perón (Sparrows and the nightingales u.v.a.), who is also co-founder of the band YELLO.

Alvarez-Brill founded the band NEUFELD in 2020 together with Frank Körner-Steding and Sven Kordaß and wanted to continue old successes. Alvarez-Brill, was also considered the discoverer of UNHEILIG, he died in October 2020.

Carlos Perón produced together with NEUFELD the maxi single “Carefree youth” released in November 2021 with an additional Romantic remix and the bonus track “Horizont”.

Perón released his own version of the NEUFELD track “Carefree youth” on his “Eisenberg Sampler vol. 11” in 2021.

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Schwarzschild [DE]

If you are looking for a musical combination of modern, danceable futurepop and melancholic synthpop – enriched with elegant guitar sounds and soulful vocals that render profound German lyricism in the most emotional way – you will find it in SCHWARZSCHILD. The band released its first songs in 2016 as a duo consisting of sound tinkerer Peter Daams and frontman Dino Serci, and the project quickly gained initial attention via all online portals before the debut album “Radius”, which had already been longed for by fans, was released in 2017. Not only did it stay in the German Alternative Charts and the GEWC for eight weeks, but it has also become a long-running hit on all radio stations and clubs to this day. The follow-up EP “Pulsar” continued Schwarzschild’s successful career in 2019. Concerts with bands like CHROM, Kirlian Camera and ALIENARE expanded the already steadily growing fanbase, which is now looking forward to an appearance at the Amphi Festival and the second studio album, which will also feature the guitar sounds of Marco Serci for the first time. The release is planned for the fall of 2021. With the club hit “Frei” and the heartbreaking ballad “Auf allen Wegen”, the first two trailblazers have already been released, showing with their progressive sound picture that SCHWARZSCHILD are always expanding their radius.

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Desastroes [DE]

Desastroes is a project by Jan Christopher Hoffmann from Nienburg/ Weser, which was created in 2011. Thematically, the music deals with life-related topics, fiction and socio-critical arguments. In the foreground are simply structured and strongly atmospheric melodies, predominantly with German lyrics. (Source:

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People Theatre [F]

Peter Rainman founded the french band People Theatre in october 1993, picking up a line in a Pet Shop Boys interview he read. After a long time hidden in a lab to experiment, gaining then losing members, the band came back under the sun in 2005. Since then, over 100 songs have been produced, more than 400 remixes were made for several artists, from Nitzer Ebb to IAMX, Anne Clark, Haujobb, David Carretta, Apoptygma Berzerk, Trisomie 21, but also more mainstream people such as Ysa Ferrer, Desireless or Partenaire Particulier.

You can expect a sound based on the power of the eighties, while having a very modern touch. Electronic, dark, techno, club or synthpop styles.

Peter is also part of the trio Adan & Ilse. He plays the keyboard or sings for various bands, especially Waiting for Words with whom he openned for OMD in Paris in may 2013.

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N/CTRL (pronounced: no control) The project consisting of Sven Enzelmann (The Promise / Philtron), Kai Habel (diarBlack/Device Not Ready) and Michael Deiters (Beyond Border) has set out to fuse classic wave pop with modern club sounds to create a melange of yesterday and today. The origin of N/CTRL lies in the year 2021 and with the arrangement of Beyond Border’s power ballad “Perfection”, the first track of this collaboration is released.

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Spektralized [NO]

It all started in 1994, with three guys from a small place outside Fredrikstad, Norway. They formed a band with the name Spektralized. Soon, after the first demo, they started to get request for playing live. They did play some shows in the south of Norway with a good response.
Late 1994 they released a cassette tape in 100 limited copies named Genetic. The cassette was sold out in three weeks and it even made it to a review in the biggest newspaper in the state of Østfold, Norway.

The band played a lot of concerts during the next 3 years and got more and more successful in their home country but some times success isn’t enough. Due to some disagreements, things just didn’t workout between the boys, so in 1997 the band decided to split up. Richard Bjorklund decided that he wanted to continue making music, so he took the name Spektralized with him and started working on his own material.

Richard got started, and very soon it was possible to hear the first Spektralized track on a compilation. Tatra records released a compilation, named Sex, Goth and Electronic and Spektralized was represented through the song “Truth”, a track produced by Stephan L. Groth in Apoptygma Berzerk. The track reached a crowd all over the world and is still played by DJs in most clubs. In the beginning of 2000 the promo CD “Love may be blind” was ready to be released, but due to an error burned on the CD, the band decided to stop the whole process.

After this Richard took a break from everything to get new ideas and more energy. Shortly after new songs and news ideas where created. Soon, after the break, Spektralized where on their first tour with Icon of coil (no). Soon after this, Hard: Drive record company signed Spektralized to their label.

Sebastian R. Komor came along as the producer for the next album and in short time the album “Elements of Truth” and the single “Allied” saw the day of light, this was in late 2002.  Already in January 2003 Spektralized went on tour with both Assemblage 23 and Icon of coil, with a very good response. As the music industry started to go down due to download issues etc, Hard: Drive let Accession Records (Germany) take over the contract with Spektralized. Accession made a European release of “Elements of truth”. Soon after that Spektralized where on tour with Diary of Dreams, Lights of Euphoria and Psyche witch also was a great success.

Europe started noticing Spektralized. Spektralized played festivals in Poland, Sweden and in Norway and managed to establish a huge following, based on their good music and their good live shows. Spektralized used a long time in the studio and in the office to make new plans for the future. The first step for this was already possible to hear. “Capture the moment” was the second album from Spektralized, released by Accession records and was out in the record shops already in April / May 2006. Capture the moment has done great success so far, It actually made it all the way to the top five list for best album at the Scandinavian alternative music awards 2007 along whit bands such as Covenant and Apoptygma Berzerk.

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Irrlicht – Perfection

The discreetly purist exception from Switzerland was founded in 1996 with the aim of setting literary texts and poems to music. After the turn of the millennium, the quartet tended towards electronic darkwave and cool electropop, surrounded by romantic vocal hooks with depth and earworm potential.

The band around the former Illuminate band members Markus Nauli and Daniela Dietz convince with13 releases with spherical, dreamlike melodies, pearly piano sounds and broad keyboard carpets, paired with the classically trained voice of front woman Daniela.

The multi-layered songs of IRRLICHT tell stories in French and German, which are mostly influenced by their own experiences and emotions. Entertaining, honest and touching songs, which get along without powerful screaming, exuberant tempos, unnecessary harshness and superficial platitudes – a must for fans of electronic, catchy music with a wonderful alternation of lightness and depth.

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Kontrast – Perfection [DE]

KONTRAST – this name is still the band’s reputation!

Already back in 1996, the four sound-fiddlers created an everblack, a true independent classic with their song «Einheitsschritt» («3 Schritte vor und 3 zurück»). With «Tod … find’ ich gut!» (1998), «80er Jahre» (2007) and their GEWC-No. 1 «Durchbruch» (2008), the «executioners of black humour» hit the dancefloors again. Their album «Vision und Tradition» (2008) defended its No. 1-ranking in German Electronic Web Charts for several weeks, the single «John Maynard» (2014) reached the top 5 on German Alternative Charts (DAC), while the longplayer «Balance» (2014) even peaked at No. 3 on DAC. «Nachtclub» completed the row of club-hits reaching No. 3 on German Electronic Web Charts in 2019. That KONTRAST cannot only be mordant but also full of feeling, finally leaked out in 1999: «Freiheit?» (recorded with female guest singer Ivi) is a touching farewell duet which consequently rose to be a mid-tempo hit in numerous clubs. The disarmingly deep look into failed relationships is also shown in the power ballad «Für immer vorbei» (2008), accompanied by a videoclip achieving more than 500,000 clicks on youtube. With their (n)ostalgic ballad «Ostseekind» reaching No. 2 on German Electronic Web Charts, KONTRAST underlined their ability to accompany melancholic lyrical content with catchy and touching melodies.

After their successful fifth longplayer «Unaufhaltsam» (# 4 DAC, # 5 GEWC) KONTRAST now dare to take a step back into their past: Their song «Leben vor dem Tod» has already been written in 1995 (!) and is the precursor for the re-issue of their first album «KONTRAST: Programm», which will be available with remastered audio quality and lots of rare bonus tracks on the occasion of its 20th birthday in 2022. There is no doubt: Dirk, Falko, Roberto and their charming Nebelgeist still remain even after more than 25 years what they have always been – a unique KONTRAST in the music scene!

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