Never before has the world had to cope with a shared fear until a virus caused people to fall into a state of rigidity in 2020. From this attitude came the idea of how each of us defines the perfect moment, the perfect life, the perfect love…or what is supposedly perfect, but yet only a desperate attempt. “Perfection” takes you into the minds of different musicians of our world. They tell you, partly in their native language, very personal moments…Let yourself be taken on this journey and feel invited to tell about your perfect moments yourself. Beyond Border January 2022

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MORE (Magnus Dahlberg)






People Theatre







Christian F(elkel)

Lis van den Akker

Henrik Iversen (Namnambulu)

Beyond Border


Beyond Border

What do you think will come out if you ask different artists to bring a song to life with their own ideas?

A common basis, a word that describes the content and 16 artists give us the answer.
The result is a wonderful journey through the feelings, sorrows and joys of these musical partners.

“Perfection” was born as an instrumental and now has 17 different mothers and fathers from many different countries, with their diverse languages.

What is perfection for you or maybe better…has perfection already met you, does perfection exist or is it just a wish?

Write us in the comments what perfection means to you…. 👇

Music – Michael Deiters
Lyrics – Kai Vincenz Nemeth
Mix – Rob Dust
© 2022 Beyond Border


Henrik Iversen (Namnambulu) [CH]

Henrik is responsible for all text input and for the singing part in Namnambulu. So he would also be the one mainly performing on stage.

Besides that, he is also taking care of all design aspects in the band. Which means that he does the graphic design and webdesign and programming for NNB as well as the artwork and logodesign used. He has also built the stage decoration for NNB as well as bands such as IRIS and Lights Of Euphoria. All merchandise is also being manufatured through Henrik.

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Lis van den Akker [BE]

Lis van den Akker is a renown singer from Belgium who has done many great guest vocals and backing vocals for Die Krupps, Grendel, Psy’aviah, Felix Marc, Jean-Marc Lederman, Komor Kommando, 808dotpop, Sample-R (sooon!) Junksista, Frozen Plasma, SD-Krtr, Croona, State of the Union, Syntax, Nightdrifter,Akron, NG-pro, Misery (NL) and many more



Christian F(elkel) [GER]

Christian F.
… und die Tracks hinterm Tellerrand.

Es bedarf einer längeren Reise – eines Weges, um sich mit der Welt und den in ihr vorherrschenden Geschehnissen wirklich intensiv beschäftigen zu können.
Erfahrungen aufzuarbeiten, Details zu erkennen und eben nicht im Herz-Schmerz-Terz-Gedankenwirrwarr hängen zu bleiben, sondern stetig und beherzt ÜBER DEN TELLERRAND zu blicken.
Christian bewegt sich nun schon seit über 20 Jahren durch Studios und über Bühnen dieses Landes unter anderem mit den Bands Black Design und CT One und vielleicht ist es deshalb so, dass er sich gerade aus diesen Erfahrungen heraus nun am Beginn seines ganz persönlichen Herzenssoloprojektes Christian F. befindet.

Hinter ihm steht ein ganzes Rudel kreativer Köpfe, die seit Monaten nur darauf warten, elektronischer Musik einen neuen Mantel verleihen.
So verbargen sich hinter seiner neuen Single „Missverstanden“ keine geringeren bekannten Köpfe wie f.o.d., Rob Dust, Beyond Border, Monsmeg und Twisted Destiny.
Wohlklingende Namen im alternativen ElektronikSektor.

Christian ist immer wieder für jede Zusammenarbeit und für jede neue Entwicklung zu haben.
Während er bereits an weiteren eigenen Releases arbeitet, gesellt sich nun die Kollaboration für Beyond Borders „Perfection“ hinzu.

Gravitation im Digital


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synth-electro-pop based in Berlin, Germany.

dark. mysterious. different. lost. vulnerable. passionate. angry. strong.

KY´s songs are danceable, hard, unique.

Her sound is electronic and straight in your face.

Her lyrics are deep, intimate, dark and personal – about her fucked up past, unfullfilled love, sex, lust, her battle with depression and cancer and how she managed to survive so far.

Her shows are a spectacular mash up of live musicians, costumes, visual elements, electronic sounds, lights, emotions, strong beats and of course her unique voice and appearance.

She writes, produces and sings.

“When the guys from Beyond Border asked me to join the project, I said yes right away. I think it’s exciting to see how differently people can understand and sense music. I didn’t expect this track to be the first song about my time with cancer, so it was a little bit of a therapy for me. The BB sound of the song supports the feeling perfectly. The message of the song is to make the best out of any kind of bad time, rejection or bad luck. It’s in your hands to change perspective and turn it around.”

She’s currently working on her first album.


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Neufeld [DE]

NEUFELD is the synergy of the “established underground” and well-tried synthpop elements, underpinned with modern dance, electronic music and pop sounds. The music of NEUFELD glides between gloomy melancholy and positive sound.

The NEUFELD sound is influenced by the participation of Wolfsheim producers Josè Alvarez-Brill (“Die Flut”; Witt/Heppner u.v.a.) as well as Carlos Perón (Sparrows and the nightingales u.v.a.), who is also co-founder of the band YELLO.

Alvarez-Brill founded the band NEUFELD in 2020 together with Frank Körner-Steding and Sven Kordaß and wanted to continue old successes. Alvarez-Brill, was also considered the discoverer of UNHEILIG, he died in October 2020.

Carlos Perón produced together with NEUFELD the maxi single “Carefree youth” released in November 2021 with an additional Romantic remix and the bonus track “Horizont”.

Perón released his own version of the NEUFELD track “Carefree youth” on his “Eisenberg Sampler vol. 11” in 2021.

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Schwarzschild [DE]

If you are looking for a musical combination of modern, danceable futurepop and melancholic synthpop – enriched with elegant guitar sounds and soulful vocals that render profound German lyricism in the most emotional way – you will find it in SCHWARZSCHILD. The band released its first songs in 2016 as a duo consisting of sound tinkerer Peter Daams and frontman Dino Serci, and the project quickly gained initial attention via all online portals before the debut album “Radius”, which had already been longed for by fans, was released in 2017. Not only did it stay in the German Alternative Charts and the GEWC for eight weeks, but it has also become a long-running hit on all radio stations and clubs to this day. The follow-up EP “Pulsar” continued Schwarzschild’s successful career in 2019. Concerts with bands like CHROM, Kirlian Camera and ALIENARE expanded the already steadily growing fanbase, which is now looking forward to an appearance at the Amphi Festival and the second studio album, which will also feature the guitar sounds of Marco Serci for the first time. The release is planned for the fall of 2021. With the club hit “Frei” and the heartbreaking ballad “Auf allen Wegen”, the first two trailblazers have already been released, showing with their progressive sound picture that SCHWARZSCHILD are always expanding their radius.

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Desastroes [DE]

Desastroes is a project by Jan Christopher Hoffmann from Nienburg/ Weser, which was created in 2011. Thematically, the music deals with life-related topics, fiction and socio-critical arguments. In the foreground are simply structured and strongly atmospheric melodies, predominantly with German lyrics. (Source:

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