Kontrast – Perfection [DE]

KONTRAST – this name is still the band’s reputation!

Already back in 1996, the four sound-fiddlers created an everblack, a true independent classic with their song «Einheitsschritt» («3 Schritte vor und 3 zurück»). With «Tod … find’ ich gut!» (1998), «80er Jahre» (2007) and their GEWC-No. 1 «Durchbruch» (2008), the «executioners of black humour» hit the dancefloors again. Their album «Vision und Tradition» (2008) defended its No. 1-ranking in German Electronic Web Charts for several weeks, the single «John Maynard» (2014) reached the top 5 on German Alternative Charts (DAC), while the longplayer «Balance» (2014) even peaked at No. 3 on DAC. «Nachtclub» completed the row of club-hits reaching No. 3 on German Electronic Web Charts in 2019. That KONTRAST cannot only be mordant but also full of feeling, finally leaked out in 1999: «Freiheit?» (recorded with female guest singer Ivi) is a touching farewell duet which consequently rose to be a mid-tempo hit in numerous clubs. The disarmingly deep look into failed relationships is also shown in the power ballad «Für immer vorbei» (2008), accompanied by a videoclip achieving more than 500,000 clicks on youtube. With their (n)ostalgic ballad «Ostseekind» reaching No. 2 on German Electronic Web Charts, KONTRAST underlined their ability to accompany melancholic lyrical content with catchy and touching melodies.

After their successful fifth longplayer «Unaufhaltsam» (# 4 DAC, # 5 GEWC) KONTRAST now dare to take a step back into their past: Their song «Leben vor dem Tod» has already been written in 1995 (!) and is the precursor for the re-issue of their first album «KONTRAST: Programm», which will be available with remastered audio quality and lots of rare bonus tracks on the occasion of its 20th birthday in 2022. There is no doubt: Dirk, Falko, Roberto and their charming Nebelgeist still remain even after more than 25 years what they have always been – a unique KONTRAST in the music scene!

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