synth-electro-pop based in Berlin, Germany.

dark. mysterious. different. lost. vulnerable. passionate. angry. strong.

KY´s songs are danceable, hard, unique.

Her sound is electronic and straight in your face.

Her lyrics are deep, intimate, dark and personal – about her fucked up past, unfullfilled love, sex, lust, her battle with depression and cancer and how she managed to survive so far.

Her shows are a spectacular mash up of live musicians, costumes, visual elements, electronic sounds, lights, emotions, strong beats and of course her unique voice and appearance.

She writes, produces and sings.

“When the guys from Beyond Border asked me to join the project, I said yes right away. I think it’s exciting to see how differently people can understand and sense music. I didn’t expect this track to be the first song about my time with cancer, so it was a little bit of a therapy for me. The BB sound of the song supports the feeling perfectly. The message of the song is to make the best out of any kind of bad time, rejection or bad luck. It’s in your hands to change perspective and turn it around.”

She’s currently working on her first album.


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