Schwarzschild [DE]

If you are looking for a musical combination of modern, danceable futurepop and melancholic synthpop – enriched with elegant guitar sounds and soulful vocals that render profound German lyricism in the most emotional way – you will find it in SCHWARZSCHILD. The band released its first songs in 2016 as a duo consisting of sound tinkerer Peter Daams and frontman Dino Serci, and the project quickly gained initial attention via all online portals before the debut album “Radius”, which had already been longed for by fans, was released in 2017. Not only did it stay in the German Alternative Charts and the GEWC for eight weeks, but it has also become a long-running hit on all radio stations and clubs to this day. The follow-up EP “Pulsar” continued Schwarzschild’s successful career in 2019. Concerts with bands like CHROM, Kirlian Camera and ALIENARE expanded the already steadily growing fanbase, which is now looking forward to an appearance at the Amphi Festival and the second studio album, which will also feature the guitar sounds of Marco Serci for the first time. The release is planned for the fall of 2021. With the club hit “Frei” and the heartbreaking ballad “Auf allen Wegen”, the first two trailblazers have already been released, showing with their progressive sound picture that SCHWARZSCHILD are always expanding their radius.

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