Irrlicht – Perfection

The discreetly purist exception from Switzerland was founded in 1996 with the aim of setting literary texts and poems to music. After the turn of the millennium, the quartet tended towards electronic darkwave and cool electropop, surrounded by romantic vocal hooks with depth and earworm potential.

The band around the former Illuminate band members Markus Nauli and Daniela Dietz convince with13 releases with spherical, dreamlike melodies, pearly piano sounds and broad keyboard carpets, paired with the classically trained voice of front woman Daniela.

The multi-layered songs of IRRLICHT tell stories in French and German, which are mostly influenced by their own experiences and emotions. Entertaining, honest and touching songs, which get along without powerful screaming, exuberant tempos, unnecessary harshness and superficial platitudes – a must for fans of electronic, catchy music with a wonderful alternation of lightness and depth.

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